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The software described and available for download in this site is the last open source version of Abyss Web Server: In 2001, Abyss Web Server became closed source and subsequent versions were and continue to be published by Aprelium Technologies (a company founded by Abyss Web Server's original author).

So if you are looking for the modern releases of Abyss Web Server, please visit http://www.aprelium.com/abyssws.

Otherwise, feel free to download and use Abyss Web Server 0.3 under its modified BSD type license terms and condition.

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Edit the conf/abyss.conf file and change the values of the available options.

The default configuration file is listed below. Only the lines in red need to be changed in order to have ABYSS running on your system for the first time.

# ABYSS Web Server configuration file
# (C) Moez Mahfoudh - 2000

# Cases in option names are ignored, 
# that means that PORT=port=PoRT=..

# When writing paths, do not worry about / or \ use.
# ABYSS will substitute / with \ on Win32 systems.

# Options which are system specific (such as User) are
# ignored on systems which do not handle them.

# The Port option tells the server on which TCP port to listen.
# default is 80
Port 8000

# The name or #number of the user to run the server as if it is 
# launched as root (UNIX specific)
User nobody

# The Server Root (UNIX systems style)
ServerRoot /home/mahfoudh/abyss

# The Server Root (Win32 systems style)
# ServerRoot c:\abyss

# The Path option specifies the web files path.
Path htdocs

# The Default option contains the name of the files the server should
# look for when only a path is given (e.g. http://myserver/info/).
Default index.html index.htm INDEX.HTM INDEX.HTML

# The KeepAlive option is used to set the maximum number of requests
# served using the same persistent connection.
KeepAlive 10

# The TimeOut option tells the server how much seconds to wait for
# an idle connection before closing it.
TimeOut 10

# The MimeTypes option specifies the location of the file
# containing the mapping of MIME types and files extensions
MimeTypes conf/mime.types

# The path of the log file
LogFile log/access.log

# The file where the pid of the server is logged (UNIX specific)
PidFile log/abyss.pid

# If AdvertiseServer if set to no, then no server field would be
# appended to the responses. This is the way to make the server
# identity unknown to some malicious people which can profit from
# well known security holes in the software to crash it.
AdvertiseServer yes

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