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The software described and available for download in this site is the last open source version of Abyss Web Server: In 2001, Abyss Web Server became closed source and subsequent versions were and continue to be published by Aprelium Technologies (a company founded by Abyss Web Server's original author).

So if you are looking for the modern releases of Abyss Web Server, please visit http://www.aprelium.com/abyssws.

Otherwise, feel free to download and use Abyss Web Server 0.3 under its modified BSD type license terms and condition.

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ABYSS is still in development stage. Actual version is 0.3. Many features are not implemented yet but the server core works well and seems to be stable. It is fully reliable for serving static files on medium load sites. In fact, primary benchmarks show that ABYSS is 70% as fast as Apache when using the fork system. This rate jumps to 130% when using threads.

On UNIX platforms, some problems occurred because of the use of the Pthreads library. This will be corrected in the future versions. That's why only the fork system is usable under UNIX. This lowers performances but guarantees stability.

CGI/1.1 support is still unavailable in the current version but will be included in the near future.

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